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My Last Hoorah Before The Pandemic

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Traveling in the Coronavirus age, I sure did not foresee myself getting stuck in this pandemic. But, Here I am, Let's make the best of it.

One of the popular attractions in the Philippines happens to take place on the island of Cebu. A short 3 hour bus ride down to the village of Moalboal, You can find cozy beach accommodations that will set you up with a guided tour to take you to this destination.

Canyoneering takes place in Lapu-Lapu City, you get a mix of climbing, hiking, cliff-diving and swimming all in one experience. The clear blue waters, crystal rock caves & hanging greenery is the perfect mix of tropical and magical.

The guides on these tours are kind, fun & helpful. They ensured a great experience, but a safe one at that.

I booked my canyoneering trip through my hostel; (Information below) The cost was around 1,400 Pesos. That included transportation to the location & back, guided tour & lunch. all together an 8 hour excursion, below are a few tips that you will need to know when going canyoneering;

Wear a Bathing Suit & Sneakers.

You're going to get wet. Like fully drenched. However you need secure footwear because stepping on rocks and slippery surfaces can make it a bit hard to walk in strappy sandals.

There is a few things that will cost money that may not be disclosed to you.

Locker- When you arrive at the Canyoneering base camp, they will have lockers for your belongings. They are rather large lockers, And cost 100 Pesos Each, it is very possible to split a locker with the people you are with.

Zip Line- When you get to the start of the journey, they will do a safety demo. After this safety demo, they will tell you, You can either take the zip line to the start of the tour, OR its a 45 minute hike to the start of it. NOW; if you want to save money and skip the zip line, and you are one of the only few that don't want to spend the money, they will try their hardest to make you do the zip line. My advice is to just get it in your mind that you will be paying the 500 pesos for the zip line. It moves the tour on a lot faster.

Food & Water- in the mountains you will see there are little stands set up selling water bottles and snacks. There if you would like, but not a necessary purchase.

The guides will all allow you to pay for all of the above once you get back to the base after the trip, There is no need to carry the cash on you during the tour. But have it on you in your backpack.

Bring a GoPro!

Take a camera with you that can get wet! You'll want to capture some memories on this tour, its definitely unforgettable.


Hostel Recommendations for backpackers-

My Favorite Go to Hostel in Moalboal was MOHO hostel. It's about a 7 minute walk to the beach, its right next to the BEST Pizza Place in all of the Philippines and its got a great party vibe and a very kind staff.

MOHO Hostel - Moaboal, Philippines.

MOHO Hostel Moalboal Hostel

If you want more of a Party Hostel & Closer to the beach, I can recommend. I did not stay here, but other backpackers i've met have given me good reviews!

Chief Mau Moalboal Hostel

Chief Mau Moalboal Hostel

Moalboal is also known for their Diving, Sardine Runs and beautiful beaches!

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