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What Is Reel Good Video Services?

In March of 2020, I (Megan Without A Plan) began my travels and set off to South East Asia to create travel content in order to build my brand, work, represent and create content for varying companies all while maintaining my message of the importance of traveling alone and exploring the world under our feet! 

Now I'm here to edit for YOU! 

Since I've been home, I've been investing my time in growing my portfolio to better myself as a videographer. As I continue to locally travel and explore whats around me, i've decided to start my own video editing business to create mini productions for you!

Whether you're a business looking to create some advertisements for your company, or an individual looking to put together a birthday video, some shots from your wedding, or even a little travel montage, I'll be able to create that for you!

Take a look below to find out more!

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My Editing Works One Of Two Ways

Content Provided By You

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You provide the content that you captured on your own digital device, and I edit it into your own personal masterpiece!


This is ideal for Travel Videos, Photo To Video Productions and Vlogs.

I produce everything from start to finish 

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You contract me to Film, Edit & Produce your entire video. 


This is ideal for Weddings, Corporate Videos, and Product Advertising. 

What I Edit




Old footage from a memorable getaway? I can tastefully put together a great video with any photos and videos you have from that trip! Just supply the content for me, provide me with a basic idea of what you are expecting from that footage and let me do my magic! Don't forget, travel is my specialty! 

Businesses, Are you a hotel or tourism company looking for content to use to bring tourist in? give me a call & I'll come in and do a full review on your business to create some excitement for those looking to travel, or create an eye catching short video to use for all your social pages.

Ski Trip? Ziplining? or Sporting event? I got ya! Maybe you're looking to show off your sport skills, and need a video to showcase it. I'll edit out all of your falls and give you the best, high octane, exciting video you can think of. 

Businesses, are you a looking to market your service to gain clients? Let me come in for a day to create a small video for you to boost promotions on social media! 

Are you having a wedding, birthday party, baby or bridal shower in your backyard due to COVID-19? Give me a call & I'll be there with all of my equipment & a mask!

I can be present at the party to capture your special moments, or if you have an abundance of videos and photos from that special day, I'm here to edit them for you!


Another specialty of mine. Do you want to create a youtube channel, but don't have the time or equipment to do so? I'll make sure you get the best quality content that will make everyone like & subscribe! YouTube Videos and Vlogs are yet another one of my specialties!


Have an odd job? I also offer photo to video editing, Corporate educational videos, Weddings and more! 

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